Unlocking Substantial Savings with MAK Consulting: A Comprehensive Plasterboard Case Study

At MAK Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional value and savings to our clients. One such example of our commitment to helping our clients reduce costs and enhance their projects is a recent case study involving a client in Ireland who was seeking high-quality plasterboard.

Prior to partnering with MAK Consulting, the client was paying €10.20 for each 2.88m² plasterboard, which equates to €3.54 per m². After analyzing their needs and leveraging our extensive network of Polish manufacturers and suppliers, we were able to offer them 2.4m² plasterboards at just €6.63 each, which translates to €2.76 per m².

To maximize the cost-effectiveness of this offer, we carefully arranged the transport, fitting 64 plasterboards per pallet and a total of 22 pallets on the container. Out of these 22 pallets, 15 were the plasterboards already calculated, 5 pallets were H2 type plasterboards (for high humidity), and the remaining 2 pallets were DF type (fire resistant) plasterboards.

In Ireland, H2 type plasterboards would have cost the client €15.90 for a 2.88m² board, while our offer was only €8.91 for a 2.4m² board. Similarly, DF type plasterboards, which would have cost €16.90 for a 2.88m² board in Ireland, were available through MAK Consulting for just €9.46 for a 2.4m² board.

Taking into account the size difference of the plasterboards and the various types, the client experienced significant savings. The total cost for the 15 pallets of standard plasterboards, 5 pallets of H2 type, and 2 pallets of DF type, including the €800 delivery surcharge, was €20,546.96. The equivalent area of these plasterboards in Ireland would have cost €27,204.00. This equates to an overall savings of €6,657.04 or 24.46%.

Additionally, MAK Consulting, as an EU VAT registered business, allows business clients who are also EU VAT registered to buy at 0% VAT. This can help with cash flow, depending on the clients’ arrangements.

MAK Consulting not only helped the client save money on their plasterboard purchases based on the total area but also provided them with a seamless, hassle-free experience, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

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