Maximize Your Savings and Minimize Hassle: The Benefits of Importing Insulation Wool from Poland through MAK Consulting – A Case Study

The construction industry is always on the lookout for cost-effective, high-quality materials. When it comes to insulation, Poland has emerged as a leading source of superior products at competitive prices. In this case study, we’ll explore the benefits of importing insulation wool from Poland through MAK Consulting, and how one client significantly reduced their costs without compromising on quality.

The Situation:

The client had been purchasing 100mm Metac insulation wool from their local supplier at a cost of €13/m2. They heard about the potential savings from importing insulation wool from Poland and decided to explore this option with the help of MAK Consulting.

The Solution:

MAK Consulting assessed the client’s needs and identified a Polish supplier offering a better quality insulation wool (with a λ value of 0.033) at just €9.11/m2. The insulation wool came in rolls of 5.4m2 each, with 24 rolls per pallet, and 11 pallets on a container.

Thanks to MAK Consulting’s extensive network of manufacturers and suppliers, they were able to coordinate the entire process, from sourcing and negotiating the best prices to combining orders, warehousing, and delivery. The client’s transport surcharge was €800, covering the entire delivery to their site.

The Savings:

By switching to the Polish insulation wool, the client saved €3.89/m2 on the material cost. For the entire container of 11 pallets, each holding 24 rolls of insulation, the client purchased a total of 1,411.2m2 of insulation. The overall cost from the previous supplier would have been €18,345.60, while the cost of the Polish insulation wool, including the transport surcharge, amounted to €12,868.32.

This translates to an impressive total saving of €5,477.28 or a 29.9% reduction in insulation costs.

The MAK Consulting Advantage:

The client was able to achieve these significant savings without any additional hassle, thanks to the expertise and support of MAK Consulting. By trusting the right partner for their project, they could focus on their core business while MAK Consulting took care of the entire import process.


Importing insulation wool from Poland through MAK Consulting offers considerable benefits, including cost savings and access to higher quality materials. This case study demonstrates that, with the right partner, clients can improve their bottom line and enjoy a seamless experience. Reach out to MAK Consulting today to discover how we can help you achieve similar results for your construction projects.

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