Our Services

Mak Consulting offers comprehensive procurement solutions for companies worldwide. We focus on getting you the best value, quality and service along with a full, professional support along each step. 

Learning your requirements

We will sit down with you to fully understand your project and all its specifications.

Matching the right products

Knowing your needs, we will prepare a costed proposal on the right choice of materials.

Order coordination

Once the proposal is approved we will start working on your order

A-Z Logistics

We take care of full logistics from the moment of production to when the goods arrive to your site

Why us?

At Mak Consulting we put your needs in the centre of everything we do. We match the products, materials, manufacturers and suppliers to meet your specifications and budget targets. We look at the project as a whole and consider all the additional costs, like storage, transport and duties. We will navigate your order along the way until it safely reaches your site.

Market Experience

We know who's who in the construction supply market. We will help you avoid bad suppliers and will offer due dilligence on any new ones that we haven't yet worked with!

We work to your Design

Limiting yourself to one supplier, or worse - manufacturer, has a negative impact to your choice of options. We look at the design you want to achieve and match themanufacturer, who can deliver what you need.

Expert knowledge

We don't only offer you the products, but also the full prduct knowledge, research and specifications. All analysed and combined for you into key difference points.

Best value

Most premium construction materials and products are cheaper in Poland than in Western Europe or the US, even when you consider transport and extra cost. If you'd like to make savings on more budget items, we can help too!

Working to your schedule

You tell us when you need the goods delivered and we will do the rest. If there is a manufacturer, who can deliver in that time, we'll find him. We know how important the time is, and we promise not to waste yours!

Comprehensive logistics solutions

Your orders from various manufacturers will be combined into a delivery (or deliveries) to work with your schedule and provide best transport value. We will also simplify the customs process (DDP Incoterms available).

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

The only measuse of our success is the high level of client satisfaction