Importing Building materials from Poland. Complicated? Not with us!

Are you concerned about the ever increasing building materials costs? You’ve heard that the construction materials can be sourced considerably cheaper in Poland, but don’t even know where to start? How is it even possible that the difference is so significant?

Let’s see…

If you try sourcing materials on your own, making sure you get the best deal available takes more than just a little bit of research. When you’re 1000’s miles away it’s difficult to liaise with different suppliers, keeping the communication in order and visiting more than 2-3 on one trip (if you’d invest to make one!) can be very challenging. Many of those suppliers don’t focus on foreign clients, so the service might be a bit compromised and there might be some issues popping up during some of the multiple deliveries.

An example of a combined delivery. Best use of lorry or container space.

Can it be done better? Easier? Cheaper?

Yes, it CAN !

With Mak Consulting, you can source a full range of construction materials and products, all in one place, speaking to one person, who knows and understand your project and its needs. Everything we do has only one goal in mind. Sourcing the best product for our client. You. Once we complete our task, we will combine all the orders from the various manufacturers and suppliers in our secure warehouse space and arrange a combined delivery to your site at the time that suits you.

Would you like to see and touch the quality, colour, fabric, structure, etc. before buying? No problem at all. We can offer to combine the samples from various suppliers into one comprehensive package. After all, a 20 kg parcel will also cost less to deliver than ten 2kg ones!

Don’t hesitate, join our other satisfied clients and talk to us today!

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